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Membership Terms & Conditions

1. The Member must pay full Membership Fees regardless of any non-attendance and refunds are not given for non-attendance.

2. The Member must not abuse the equipment or facilities at the club or behave in a violent or rude way or in a way that offends, distresses or annoys anyone else.

3. Children under 12 must have an adult Member to supervise them and must make sure that children only use the equipment they are allowed to and when they are allowed to (check at Reception for details).

4. The Member may bring guests to the Club and are responsible for their behaviour whilst they are on the premises. A guest fee must be paid (not applicable if eating and drinking only).

5. Suspension, Cancellation, Renewal of Membership

• You may suspend your membership for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months during an annual membership. The time not used will be added on to the end of your annual membership term.

• You may suspend your membership due to temporary illness, injury or pregnancy only if evidence is provided from your GP or consultant.

• You may cancel your membership in the event of permanent injury or sickness. Medical evidence from your GP or consultant must be provided stating that the injury or sickness prevents any use of a health and fitness facility in the future and a refund will only be given in these cases.

• You cannot cancel or suspend your membership retrospectively.

• If a cancellation of a monthly paid membership is required it is your responsibility to cancel the direct debit mandate in all cases.

• If you move away from the Club you may transfer your remaining membership term to another person.

• Memberships are to be renewed by the renewal date to prevent being charged a rejoining fee

6. It is mandatory that all Members sign in at Reception when using the facilities.


The Club will not be held responsible for loss, damage or personal injury if there is a breach of the above Terms and Conditions.

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