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Why warming up is important… ideas for your warm up ! Ella from Be Your Best Personal Training

Our Personal Training Team at Abshot can progress your fitness journey offering support, new ideas and new goals.

Here Ella explains why your warm up is so important and offers ideas for you to include ….
A warm-up is a sequence of exercises and drills that you perform before the more intense and demanding aspect of your training session. It prepares the body for exercise both physically and mentally. A good warm up will help prevent injury and help you get the most from your gym session/class/sport by:
• Gradually increasing your body temperature, heart rate and circulation
• Loosening and mobilising your joints
• Mentally preparing you for the exercise you are about to undertake
• Priming your central nervous system

What is a good warm up?
Your warm up should begin by gradually increasing your heart rate and body temperature on a piece of cardiovascular equipment such as the Cross Trainer or the Rowing Machine. Start at a low intensity and slowly progress for a minimum of 5 minutes. The duration of this aspect of your warm up is dependent on your age, the temperature and your level of fitness.
You should then think about activating the joints and muscles that will predominantly be used in your exercise session. Again, this aspect of your warm up should last a minimum of 5 minutes. Below, is a list of exercises that can be performed to do this. If you’re unsure google the name of the exercise followed by ‘tutorial’ or ask myself.

• Glute bridge
• Plank walkout
• Reverse Flye
• Y Raises
• Exercise ball leg curl
• Leg Extension
• Chest Flye
The last aspect of the warm up is to perform body weight or lighter weight sets of the exercises you want to perform in your main session before working up to heavier/working sets.


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